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Set up your company with 4 simple steps 

Set up your company within 1 day 

Application takes les
s than 15 minutes

Entirely Online
(No physical attendance required)


Let us handle the tedious work, so you can give your business your sole, undivided attention.

Your trusted
company secretary 


We guarnatee to have your company set up within 1 -2 day 

(Provided that among other things, information is sufficient)



We are 1 phone call or WhatsApp away for any company secretarial matters

Consultants Limited
JYC Consultants Limited is a network firm of KTC Partners CPA Limited, a full-fledged audit firm with more than 15 years of experience in inter alia, corporate restructuring, taxation and accounting, business advisory, Pre-IPO consultation and blockchain advisory. 

KTC is currently the auditor of 12 listed companies in Hong Kong and seves a network of clients across the globe.
We are committed to establishing long-standing relations with our clients and providing reliable advices or solutions with the help of our CPA partner

Startup Specialist

30 Years of Experience

Reliable Service

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